Brazilian Indie Devs with a taste for what makes gaming great! Smart interactions, well-done level design, heartwarming art and, above all, FUN!

Those are our guidelines for the game-making magic, so you'd better buckle up and take a ride with the Mad Mimic!

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No Heroes Here


No Heroes Here (NHH), the first game produced and developed by Mad Mimic Interactiveis about teamwork and cooperation. Players must, at all costs, defeat waves of enemies and protect the Castle. To do so, they must craft ammunition, load the cannons and rain fire over enemies!




Being "Mad"

If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest in being part of the Mad Team! We’re naturally very enthusiastic of both classic and modern titles of video games, as well as Indie, of course; working here means lots of hard-work and dedication in order to create games we’d be glad to see and play as gamers.

When you join the Mads, you’ll be working in a small, tight and diverse team, alongside seasoned and capable people, who care deeply about the medium we work in and that strive to create great original products.

In exchange for your efforts, we offer competitive salaries, a nice benefits package and supportive, collaborative HR policy for tailoring your needs to ours.

Feel you're up for the ride? Then send an email to along with a CV and/or portfolio, we'd love to meet you and talk.


Contact Us


If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest in talking to us! If you’re a professional of the area and wishes to work at Mad Mimic Interactive, please take a look at our Careers section. If you have feedback for our products or if you’re experiencing technical problems with them, please fill in below or send us an email directly in the address

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Greetings and welcome to our website, illustrious press agents, streamers and content creators alike! Use the info below to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to help you out!

If you have a question about our games, want to schedule an Interview, are interested in requesting press / preview codes to review or stream one of our games or even just want to say ‘hi’, please fill in below or email us directly at

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Social Medias

Wanna get in touch with us at Mad Mimic and tell us your expectations towards No Heroes Here and our other ideas? Have anything you’d like to share? Feel free to drop us a line, follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and keep your eyes up for upcoming awesomeness!




Who we are

Mad Mimic is an Indie Game Developer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Founded by people with a deep passion for gaming who dreamed of proving that it is possible to work and make a living with what they love: Games.


We strive to share through our games all the great feelings we had to make them real! Well, except maybe the insane crunches throughout developing… Or not, after all a little bit of madness is always present in a great game, as said by someone!


Step right up and meet our team.

Our Team

Spamming from a variety of backgrounds, the people on our team have in common both their love for video games as well as having strong commitment to designing and developing games that are more than a product, games that contribute to the medium, games that make us proud.


Experienced in designing content of many different genres, many of our teammates are graduates from the famous Vancouver Film School, including one of our founders, with skills we can put to test in our projects in order to deliver the best of their know-how and talent.


Apart from our core team, we have partners in all continents and are used to working with people of different backgrounds, thus incurring great diversity and creativity in our projects.

Where we are

Mad Mimic’s headquarters are on the business district of the city of São Paulo, the commercial center of Brazil and also the biggest, wealthiest city in Latin America.

Come pay us a visit, we would love to show you around, grab a coffee or just chat a little!


About Studio ZYX

We couldn’t talk about Mad Mimic without mentioning our Mothership, Studio ZYX, a business hub that tends to new ideas until they are ripe and able to go on independently.


Studio ZYX has experience with software development and programming outsourcing, having developed mainly for B2B.


Being the first branch that acquired independence in the hub, aside from being very proud of ourselves, we are aware of the opportunity Studio ZYX gave us to mature and expand on our passion for gaming.

Check their website HERE.